Real People Who Really Answer the Phone and Really Buy Tampa Bay Homes AS IS, Fast and Easy

If you are looking to sell the house you no longer want

in the Tampa Bay area, call Maryan and George

Beardsley at 727 644 4661,

We really buy houses and homes and are happy to talk

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Most of our competition wants you to fill out a form

which they will then read later and decide IF they want

to talk to you.

By the way

How many of the Other Guys

tell you what you need to know

before you even consider selling

what may be your most valuable possession?
Maybe we can’t help you either.

But, at lease we will listen and offer a FREE


If we can buy, we take care of all the details.

We have been buying Tampa Bay houses for two


Call the competition and fill out a form and wait.

Or, Call George on his cell at 727 644 4661.

OK, If you really want to fill out a form, I have one too.

Just click below.

We make FREE house calls
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